The Bremen Summer of

The Human-Centred Cognitive Assistance Lab. at the University of Bremen cordially invites you to engage with CoDesign 2017: The Bremen Summer of Cognition and Design. CoDesign 2017 includes a series of mutually complementary events in the areas of artificial intelligence, spatial cognition, design computing and cognition, creativity, multi-modality, communication and media, and human-behaviour studies.

CoDesign \ Minds. Experiences. Technologies.

Spatial cognition and computation, embodied design thinking, and human-centred design engineering from the viewpoints of diverse design domains are of prime focus. Design areas being considered include architecture and the built environment, product design, (digital) narrative media design, and visual art design in its many diverse forms. The synthesis of visuo-locomotive and visuo-auditory cognitive experience from the viewpoints of evidence-based architectural design and media design (e.g., film, animation, immersion) is of special interest. CoDesign 2017 offers a series of seminars and lectures by leading international researchers, workshops & symposia, tutorials, experiments in visual perception, and public lectures & exhibitions.

CoDesign 2017 events offer a discussion point for the development of projects, collaborations, and other international people-exchange initiatives at the interface of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, psychology, human-computer interaction, and design studies.